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Max 8

Ages 5-12


1.5 Hrs/Lesson

1 Class/Week

Our STEAM Comprehension program at Mr. English is designed to improve students’ reading fluency, broaden their vocabulary, and improve their overall language skills through the use of science and an enquiry-based approach. Our lessons have been developed to provide children with a student-centered learning environment, and to encourage a highly interactive classroom experience. Students will complete carefully planned science experiments that reinforce the concepts being taught. These activities will allow children to work both independently and collaboratively on projects.

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Mr. English

Course Features

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The textbooks have been meticulously mapped out by Cambridge and designed to meet specific learning objectives for each level. The textbooks have been created to expand a child’s vocabulary knowledge, language skills, and their critical thinking abilities. The textbooks provide students an opportunity to explore the world of science and English through various projects, investigations, and experiments.

Pupil’s Book

The Pupil’s Books have scientific passages, fun facts, practical experiments, and discovery activities to encourage critical thinking and collaborative learning.

Activity Book

Activity Book

The Activity Books have been designed to consolidate and expand upon the concepts presented in the Pupil’s Books. Activities include; sentence practice, essay writing tasks, critical thinking assignments, and crossword puzzles. 

Activity Book

Parents will be given monthly student reports on student progress.  

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Certificate of Completion will be granted per each level of books completed. 

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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