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Max 8

Ages 3-12


1 Class/Week

1.5 Mins/Lesson

As part of the fundamental core of Mr. English’s holistic program, our cooking classes are a perfect complement towards helping students learn English and STEM in an interactive way. “Salt and Pepper” allow our students to create their own dishes by experimenting with different ingredients from various cuisines and recipes all around the world!

Available at:
The Monster Lab
Mr. English

Every cooking student will be given this journal to mark down the cooking process along with collecting the many recipes we offer.  Teachers will also be recording progress in these journals every 4 classes for parents to see their child's progress.

Cooking Journal (Younger) - Short_頁面_2.j
Cooking Journal (Younger) - Short_頁面_1.j
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Isaac Newton
If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton

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