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About Us

After over 10 solid years of education experience, our management team collectively realized that the best way to develop young minds is to have an inspiring curriculum that not only stimulates their curiosity, but to also help children develop its overall completeness.  The initiative of this program has been created with a vision to amalgamate the various facets of STEAM education that has been increasingly prevalent in education today.  
Paradigm globally has had a gradual shift towards a more integrated learning pattern where there must be a strong emphasis on technology where children can start building their foundation towards digital understanding.  The program’s mission isn’t forcing difficult scientific understanding, but it is geared towards influencing a child to develop patience, communication, and research skills that could lead to a lifetime of logical and methodical problem-solving skills.

Physical Active Learning


Allows for collaboration and team work


Fun, exciting and enjoyable 


A more inclusive approach


Improves resilience


Boosts physical activity and reduces sedentary time


Increases concentration and time on task in other lessons


Facilitates learning and understanding 


Increases confidence and reduces anxiety

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