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Monster Dollar Challenges

At The Monster Lab, we strongly encourage extra-curricular learning for students outside the classroom.  By encouraging students to be actively doing so, students will be awarded extra Monster dollars by completing mini challenges on a monthly basis.

Cooking & Science Challenge

Earn up to $20 monster dollars each month for answering a pair of science knowledge challenges.  Students are to let teachers know during class where he/she will verbally answer the challenges for completion.

Book report

Book Reports

Earn an extra $20 monster dollars* monthly by reading and completing 2 book reports. 

Please download the book report template to complete this challenge.

*Terms and Conditions

  1. Books must be chosen from our Library, with the level corresponding to the appropriate age.
  2. Both book reports need to be submitted in the same month.
  3. Students might be asked verbal questions to verify that they have actually read the book.
  4. Each student is entitled to only complete this challenge once a month.
  5. Book reports must be submitted before the end of the last day of the month to be counted towards that month.

Creative Writing

Earn an extra $30 Monster dollars for completing two designated Creative Writing activity per month.  Students are to submit their papers, where our teachers will subsequently award Monster dollars based on quality and completion.

creative writing
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