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Monster Mart

Through the introduction of the Monster Mart, we use positive reinforcement to inspire children to learn. The goal of the Monster Mart is to encourage students to demonstrate positive learning behaviour by providing tangible rewards in a token economy. During class, students can earn and collect “Monster Money”, which can then be spent at the Monster Mart for small rewards.


Token Economy

A rewards system for children for positive behavior. 

good behavior eward
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  1. Being punctual to class
  2. The completion of each class
  3. Perfect attendance
  4. Monthly enrolment
  1. Volunteer and help the teacher
  2. Participate in class (raises hand for question, etc.)
  3. Respectful and considerate to others
  4. Follows classroom rules
  5. Keep the classroom clean and tidy
  6. Completes assigned tasks
  1. Completion of extra-curricular activities such as book reports and creative writing projects
  2. The passing of official course exams
  3. Graduating and moving from one study level to the next
  4. Demonstrating good academic ability in key areas: reading, spelling, speaking, writing, etc.
  5. Winning or doing well in sponsored events, such as spelling bees and other competitions

Benefits and Features


Can only be earned and cannot be purchased

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Provides immediate feedback, having  a greater influence on positive behaviour

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Establishes goal orientation whereby a student would be rewarded for hard work and dedication 

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Utilizes positive reinforcement and is never  punitive – money  will never be taken away 

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Introduces financial literacy and understanding the value of saving money    

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Develops critical Math skills through counting money, calculating discounts, and viewing interest

2% of total tuition will be rebated through "Monster dollars".

Earn Extra Monster Dollars?

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