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Choose 1 below

Package A

1 Cooking + 1 Activity

Package B

1 Activity + 1 Activity

Package C

Lava Lamp + 1 Activity

(Harbour City Only)


1. Pizza


2. Cake Baking

3. Fruit Pie Pops


1. Slime

2. Soap

3. Bath Bomb

4. Flubber

Extra price per student for each additional activity

will receive

 Each participant receive $20 Monster Dollars

Birthday Boy/Girl receive $100 Monster Dollars

Students can use these to purchase goodies from our Monster Mart


Monster Mart
"Uniquely Ours!"

The Monster Mart encourage students to demonstrate positive learning behaviour by providing tangible rewards in a token economy. During class, students can earn and collect “Monster Dollars”, which can then be spent at the Monster Mart for small rewards.

​* Monster Mart only available in Lohas, Harbour City, Discovery Park, TaiKoo Shing.

Our Facilities

Monster Mart

What we offer


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