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STEAM Adventure

Mr. English + The Monster Lab

1.5 Hrs/Lesson

1 Class/Week

Max 8

Ages 3-12

Our “STEAM Adventure” program has been designed for children to learn and understand the world through a scientific lens. Firstly, we would like to stimulate their interest in learning about Science. A positive impression of Science at the early stages will lead to a lifetime of interest and would greatly widen their perspective towards the world around them. Secondly, our wide range of scientific disciplines will enhance their fundamental logic and order in their thinking. This thought process will help them become more methodical in future problem solving situations. Last but not least, our program wants to nurture creative and confident children that will continually stiumulate them to explore, imagine, inquire, and innovate throughout this journey. This last pillar, which is also perhaps the most defining aspect to our program, will create lifelong skills that posits an outside the box mindset towards the future.

Course Features

Problem Solving
Logical Thinking
Daily Experiment
Native Teachers

From this course, 
your child will receive

ML_STEAM Adventure.jpg

Every student will use their Science Journal each class and record and note their predictions, key learning objectives, and observations.


Progress Report

ML_STEAM Adventure.jpg


Progress Report


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