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Our Pedagogy

Token Economy

A rewards system for children for positive behavior.

Good Behavior

Earn Monster Dollars

Get Rewards

How to get 
monster money?

Achievements & Milestones

  1. Completion of extra-curricular activities such as book reports and creative writing projects
  2. The passing of official course exams
  3. Graduating and moving from one study level to the next
  4. Demonstrating good academic ability in key areas: reading, spelling, speaking, writing, etc.
  5. Winning or doing well in sponsored events, such as spelling bees and other competitions

Positive Behaviour

  1. Volunteer and help the teacher
  2. Participate in class (raises hand for question, etc.)
  3. Respectful and considerate to others
  4. Follows classroom rules
  5. Keep the classroom clean and tidy
  6. Completes assigned tasks


  1. Being punctual to class
  2. The completion of each class
  3. Perfect attendance
  4. Monthly enrolment
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