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Max 8

Ages 3-12


1.5 Hrs/Lesson

2 Classes/Week

Our signature ‘ogRE-ADventure’ program perfectly synchronizes the applications of reading, cooking, and STEAM; our three key pillars of learning at the Monster Lab. We strongly believe in in the philosophy “learn to read, read to learn”, so our program provides a focus on reading at every opportunity. Through reading students are able to further practice and develop their pronunciation as well as other phonetic skills. Our ever-popular cooking section allows students to express their endless creativity by preparing and cooking their own dishes. And finally, participation in our STEAM activities provide a fun and engaging way for students to understand the world around them.

Available at:
The Monster Lab

Level 1

Ages 3-4.5

Level 2

Ages 4.5-6

Level 3

Ages 7-9

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All Inclusive

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The ultimate goal of our reading program is for students to develop their reading skills to that of a native speaker. Our program is divided into 3 different levels, and each student is assessed and placed into the corresponding level that best suits their needs and desired learning outcome. The program primarily focuses on student development through reading practice and story comprehension; however, it is also supported by the inclusion of phonics where appropriate. Worksheets are kept to a minimum, as we strive to have students learn and develop through engaging games and fun-filled activities.

The “Teach Your Monster to Read” program is an award-winning application designed for children by the Usborne Foundation.
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The program has been designed to allow children to learn about and explore the world around them through a scientific lens in order to develop logical, problem-solving skills. To keep students engaged and interested, we incorporate realia in all lessons, and conduct exciting science experiments when appropriate. 




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As a cornerstone of our program, students will be creating their own dishes on a weekly basis. Each cooking activity is custom made and goal-oriented; whether it be teaching math skills or furthering vocabulary acquisition, students are guaranteed to have a blast in the kitchen!

Math Application


Science Comprehension

Students can bring home what they have made every class to be shared with their family members.


Students will be able to read independently 8 months into their course.


Every week students will bring home a dish they prepared on their own.


Our ‘token economy’ system is unparallel in all of Hong Kong.


Our STEAM classes make use of actual scientific realia and conduct weekly experiments.   


2% of total tuition will be rebated through "Monster dollars".

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