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Cambridge YLE Preparation
Mr. English

Max 8

Ages 4-12


1.5 Hrs/Lesson

1 Class/Week

The Cambridge program at Mr. English is designed to successfully prepare students to take the Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE) Examinations. Students will progress through a series of courses, with special focus given to the development of students, reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in order to ensure that expected learning outcomes are reached. In addition, to these textbooks, students will also review through interactive games and activities and will have their progress assessed through mock exams that model the official YLE Examinations.

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Mr. English

Course Features


We use “Fun Skills” as our course book. These books have created by Cambridge University Press with characters that have been designed by children around the world. The various book levels cover all critical English components including writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar that are essential to exam preparation.

Student's Book

with Home Booklet

Progress Report
Cartoon, Bus
Certificate of Achievement
Benjamin Franklin
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

YLE Examination Levels

Post Box

Students should understand basic descriptions of people and familiarize themselves with vocabulary introduced in this level.

Grammar Topics
Present Simple Tenses

E.g. I live... / I am...

Continuous tenses

E.g. She is wearing...

Ages 6-9
Post Box

Students are to be more descriptive with more improvisation when describing situations. Students should also be able to draw basic comparisons between pictures.

Grammar Topics
Simple Past Tense

E.g. Where was.../ When did...

Simple Past Tense

E.g. I ate.../ I was...


Ages 6-9
olock tower

Students are expected to independently write sentences along with demonstrating oral English fluency.

Grammar Topics
Past Continuous Tense

E.g. He was running.

Future Forms

E.g. I will... / She is going to...

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